Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Mitten; Drama & Garland

 Monkey Mitten
Steering slightly away from the hype of holiday preparations, we turned to the seasonal 'The Mitten', by Jan Brett. We own a ton of Jan Brett's books, but this has to be her most popular.


We scoured the house for representations of the 8 animals that crowd the lost mitten.
When we couldn't find the actual animal, we used another to represent (particularly the badger, mole and hedgehog).
Then we acted out the story, the favourite bit being the grand finale of the bear sneezing the animals straight out of the mitten!

Then a little brain teaser; making a mitten garland.
The object of the activity was two fold (no pun intended!)
1) to fold a paper accordian
2) to cut only on the lines drawn, leaving the folds intact

Grandma Mousekin shows an example in the book we've borrowed, 'Christmas with the Mousekins'.

The mittens remained intact to make a lovely garland.
We connected several before painting them with water colour (though a little glitter might have been in order!)


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