Thursday, December 17, 2015

Gingerbread: Garland & Mittens

Gingerbread is thus far, our only traditional holiday cookie.
This year we tried a new recipe from 'I Love Vegan'

Even O was quick to note how sticky the dough is, so we tried cutting shapes on waxed paper for easy transfer to the baking sheet.

A cute Gingerbread Man Garland is featured here so we poked some holes (that had to be re-enforced one out of the oven)

Stringing them was no easy feat, but both little elves worked diligently to get (most!) of the cookie onto a ribbon.
Baby C kept repeating, "I love eating cookies all day long."


We went on to trace their little hands for Gingerbread Mittens and combined this version with some icing decoration (icing sugar and a good dose of fresh-squeezed lemon!)
Then we watched 'Olive Us' make their Hand Cookies and other seasonal specials!
Hand Cookies
Snoball Cookies
Christmas Tree Hunt
Stacking Wood
How to be Two (Baby C's Pick!)

Tiny Tea Houses. We attempted these. Attempted.
Gingerbread City.

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