Thursday, December 17, 2015

Candy Bend

Last year we did a little experiment with candy canes involving dissolving.

This year we opted to experiment with heating.

Before we placed the candy in the oven, I asked O and Baby C what they suspected would happen when heated.
O: "Rise! Melt! Sink!" (she continued calling out predictions since I didn't respond to any of her answers!)
Baby C: "Heat and eat" (she actually said this!)

The first minute was very exciting, but that wore off quickly (we were also in the throe's of making icing!)
Not much was happening so the icing took precedent.

Eventually it came out looking very much like a stocking!
It was bubbling and arched high, until the air pockets seeped out and it hardened into it's stocking shape.

*Note: Science is a good alternative use for candy canes when you'd rather not have them eaten for breakfast!

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