Sunday, August 30, 2015

Thank-You, Time

'Hip, hip'...for an article focusing on public education in the US of A, but offering solid support in favour of homeschooling, none the less!
They even lend a little light on "unschooling"...and the myths that homeschoolers lack socialization, must be privileged in order to be single-income families or are doomed to be under-prepared for college or university (should that be their path.)

Decent read, Times.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Nature Colour Find

We sort of cheated with this activity, when we hit the garden jackpot at the park!

O loves flowers.
O tries to make us stop the car to pick fields of dandelions;) Wishes, not weeds.
So she was naturally led to the groomed garden to make the colour matches in her deck.


This project was easy-peasy to prep, since Daddy gave us an old deck of colour cards, already pinned together. All I had to do was hole-punch  the cards so we could closely examine how colours are invented, courtesy of nature.

O even took note of shade.
When one shade was too dark or light, O flipped through for the closest match.

 Too dark
Just right!

We went on to look at less 'colourful' bits, like gray stones and brown bark, but really the flowers stole the show.
 Baby C's Sitting Stone
Camera-Ready Freddy

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Whoever finds this...

"Think Good Thoughts"

Our little hippie island in Hawai'i was complete with a nudist beach, evening sing-alongs and signs similar to the one pictured above, pinned up at every corner.

Words have an ability to lift up or bring down.
Simple messages like these encourage a bit of centering in an otherwise hectic world.
Very powerful stuff for very little effort.

It reminded me of a "Take What You Need" sign I came across online. 
A hand-written 'advertisement' that will easily draw eyes with it's offers.
I'm enlisting my crew to help me post a couple of these around town...and keeping one pinned up for ourselves.

We passed by a few of our posters the next day.
I wasn't sure what to anticipate, but we noticed that a few of them had various tags ripped off, giving us an extra skip in our step;)

Whoever Finds This. My father used to play this song for me by Mac Davis, if I'm not mistaken, on our old record player. 
It has absolutely stuck with me.

Knit The Sky. I love this project! I cannot knit (sorry Granny), but this could easily be done with children's artwork or little felt cut-outs and 'dropped' around town.
It reminds me of my recent favourite, 'Extra Yarn' by Mac Barnett. This book is a keeper...already added to our collection.

H2O Refraction Science

Awesome simple science.

'WWDAD" has a great video. I struggled several times before getting this experiment down and have learned to experiment before the experiment, lest the little people lose interest in my farting around to get it right!

The size and shape of the jar, matters greatly!
Also, how far it's placed from the paper; too close and it works like a magnifying glass (you can't make out which is which because it all looks huge!), but too far and you add a few extra images all out of line.

Once you get it right, it's a science crowd-pleaser!

Daily Doodle: Op Art

 Op Art

When I took a look at this video the drooling began! 
I could eat this stuff up!
Math and art combined is common (dare I say, inevitable?), but this is sheer genius. 
I got straight to work practicing my triangle illusions!
Not as easy as 'video lady' makes it look!

Silly me thought this would be a clever 'colouring' page to present.
I offered it to O to do with what she wished.
Little did I know, she had confiscated the protractor set supplies I laid out.
She declined my offer and insisted she was already doing math.
Then she presented me with, "The Squid", as she titled her work.

 The Squid
Math and art indeed!

"A Bunny"
Then Baby C made some sweet little scribbles and laughed, "A Bunny!"

Silly, silly you, Mom.
Again, mommy butts out and learns her wild-lings are crammed with creativity of their own!
No prompts necessary.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Basil & Nasturtium Lei's

Our teeming garden led us to this simple project of making Flower Lei's with a twist.
These are 100% edible (and smell like an Italian restaurant!)

I presented my eager onlookers with a Discovery Tray of nasturtium and basil branches.
We then attempted threading them in a pattern onto pipe cleaners.
That was a no-go.
The nasturtium is simply too delicate for the punch of a pipe.
We then opted to use a needle and embroidery thread.
Even Baby C was included and showed us several times how 'sharp!' the needlepoint was!
So proud to take part and be responsible!

Both O & Baby C were very involved and concentrating hard on their work!

"Take Picture, Mom!"

Once Baby C mastered the threading, she insisted, "Take picture, Mom!"
To which she posed with 'picture face'!
I was so focused on that face I love, I didn't even include her work in the shot!

Once Baby C had threaded two flowers and a basil leaf, she was done for the day; a colourful ornament we hung on display.

O however, was exhausted by the time she was finished her work and wore her Lei out all morning!

Willowday Beauties.

Big Old Buckets

We're reaping the benefits of a wildly organic garden with giant bucket bouquets!
Early morning, we were out in the garden, getting bitten by mosquito's, filling baskets and buckets full of home-grown food!
We're eating and sharing as much as we can...and thinking of creative ways to use the rest!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Land of Fire and Ice

Learning lives in experience.
I truly believe this.
I witness it happen in the mundane and the extraordinary on a daily basis.
I'm sure this is why I believe in life learning.

Day-to-day, we are not doing anything extraordinary, but we are constantly learning about human relations, working with our hands and understanding that there is a world beyond what we know.
When we get to be part of that world, it's rich with experience.

Lava Rock Formations
We recently returned from a trip to 'The Land of Fire and Ice'.
The Big Island is not your average Hawaiian vacation spot.
Far from all the tourists, we explored the island boasting 8 of the 13 climate zones on planet Earth
We didn't touch all of those zones, but many got a hold of us!

Imiloa Astronomy Center, Hilo

  Rainbow Falls

Mauna Loa-Worlds Largest 'Shield' Volcano

Thurston Lava Tube

Puna Lava Ocean Cliffs

Puna Coastal Jungle Route

Tropical Botanical Gardens

Puna Surfers

Akaka Falls

Banyan Swing Monkey

 Ocean Tide Pools, Hilo

Coconut Island Tide Pools

Kapoho Beach Tide Pools

Black Sands 'Nudie' Beach

Island Food

Waikiki Beach

Nature is a powerful place and we each take away something to add to our reservoir and our life story.

Using Maps.
Island Art.