Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Vegan Bites: Garden Salad & Tomato Soup

O & Baby C are all about picking leaves from the garden.
They washed them up before prepping a salad.

We tweaked a Tomato Soup recipe, adding a little sugar (the apparent secret to great tomato soup!), omitting hot chili's and water to turn down the heat and amp up the creaminess.
Taste of Honduras Tomato Soup
~6 tomatoes
~1 onion
~1 celery stick
~2 cloves garlic
~2 oregano leaves
~2 basil leaves
~1-2 T cane sugar
~2 cups rice milk
Saute veggies until tender. Add spices & sugar.
Simmer and cool to blend.
Return to heat and add milk. Simmer and serve with cilantro.

O doesn't mind posing. After four and a half years, she is pretty expert at pausing for a pose!
The following shots paint a perfect picture of what happens regularly around here.


After some lettuce-swiping, we headed to the kitchen so the Chef could prepare a salad and  the patron could eat up all the pea's!

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