Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sending Seeds

On any given day, our counter is covered with handfuls of foliage, brought in from a day outdoors.
Sometimes O carefully extracts seeds and transfers them to her garden in the yard, other times she is collecting a bouquet for her friends.
Today we decided to create some Seed Senders to mail down the river.

I took some plastic 'plates' from recycling that once housed rice wraps. They are round and shallow, making them a great fit for this art/science project. Then O and Baby C arranged the flowers, leaves and seed pods before we covered them with water to freeze. Once frozen we can send them down the river at our local park, to find a new and mysterious home.

The Green Guide For Artists-by Karen Michel

The 'Green Guide for Artists', features similar Seed Sending pieces.

 Seed Pods
French Lavender Bundles

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