Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Emotion Cups & Flip Dolls

Our house runs high with emotions 7 days a week.
Since emotions and emotional intelligence plays such a huge role in the life of human beings, we set aside some time to look at the myriad of feelings going on around here, with the help of Flip Dolls and Emotion Cups

I prepped the outline of the dolls, cut out hair and dress options.
Along with talking about how our facial expressions (including eyebrows, eyes, mouth and head) can hint (or scream!) how we feel, colour can also express mood.
I asked O to share four faces that she would like her dolls to express.
"Happy, sad, angry 
and so-angry-there's-nothing-you-can-do."
Poignant response!

O then worked at gluing the cut-outs and started drawing their faces.
She mastered 'happy' and 'sad' with upward and downward curved lips.
We glued all four together so they can stand on their own, or flip like a book.

 Emotion Cup

While she was working, I started an Emotion Cup for Baby C.
Since she was asleep, I asked O what 'faces' Baby C makes on a regular basis.
Without hesitation, she replied, "Happy, silly, angry and shy."
She knows her sister well!

O opted to make an Emotion Cup for herself and asked if she could pose with her drawings;)

Years ago, my uncle presented me with a book of his on cartooning.
I loved this book and studied it intently.
I distinctly remembered a few pages devoted to facial expressions, so I brought this out for O to take a look.
She had a go at guessing the expressions and demonstrating a few of her own!

Attachment parenting suggests that not simply allowing, but accepting the range of emotions inevitable to human nature is to solidify unconditional love with your child. In other words, I don't just love you when you are behaving well and enjoyable to be with, but I love you no matter how you feel and I still want to be with you.

When You Are Happy. We were at a friends in Shanghai, when I came across this book for the first time, before scouring used book stores to find a copy of our own. It's about loving unconditionally and caring for people at their best and worst.

Emotion Rocks. O still pulls out this project to play with These rocks were based on the 'Feeling Face Book'

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