Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Vegan Bites: Onigiri & Panda Bento

Onigiri is traditionally Japanese, but China houses this little snack in all of their corner varieties!
The first time I bought one in Shanghai, I discovered part way through that there was a shredded pork treasure housed inside! Eventually I learned to ask for the veggie version, which was often plain or sesame-peppered rice.

We paired the Onigiri with these adorable Panda Bento Balls! with nori sheet features!
These actually took a lot longer than I expected and I certainly could not keep up with how quickly they were being eaten..and the multiple requests for "more!"

 "Premium Rice for Sushi"

Making sushi rice is still a little mysterious to me, since all of the recipes I found require very little rice to water ratio. When we followed the package directions, the water was absorbed within seconds of heating and the pot was near-burning (which is typical when I cook rice of any kind!) I had to add another several cups of water for the sushi rice to become soft.

The Funny Little Woman. Oh we love this book! The clever illustrations, the giddy old lady, the wicked Oni.
This is definitely one of our house favourites

Yoko. Rosemary Wells has done it again with a heart-warming tale for young and old. kitten

Kansha. Not a book for the simple cook! Each recipe involves a few pages of instructions as well as a detailed glossary at the end! But there are big, giant pictures that will make you drool if you love authentic Japanese food!

Chopsticks. Written by one of my favourite authors Amy Rosenthal, Chopsticks is a clever story about good friends. O loves this book and we take it out of the library every few months (meaning: it's made the wish list!)

More Japanese Recipes. 'Choose Veg' has a handful of other traditional Japanese recipes turned vegetarian!

The Queen of Sushi. Ume Shiso Maki is the best vegetarian sushi, as far as I have eaten! When hubby and I frequented Shanghai's 'Haiku', this was at the top of my order. Umeboshi plum has a destinctive flavour and the leaves (which I thought were mint) are the perfect combination.

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