Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rice Nest

O and I had been talking about birds nests when she asked if we could make one out of spit!
Instead we made edible ones with a recipe from 'Plant Powered Kitchen' http://plantpoweredkitchen.com/recipe-page/?recipe_id=6025890
Instead of the traditional marshmallows to make the cereal stick, we used tahini, adding some healthy fats and protein.

O liked the nests, but insisted we place a bird inside. We used bird-shaped cookie cutters and apple slices, though they were very difficult to cut through. Tofu steaks were easier for little hands to manipulate.

Amazing Architects. These pictures have serious 'Wow' factor! http://www.viralnova.com/animal-achitects/

Mama Built a Little Nest. This book covers various birds and the types of nests they build in a short rhyme.

The Best Nest. Grandma introduced this book way back and it has become a true favourite. A bird family searches for a new home only to discover that their original home suited them best.

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