Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Living Leaves

Children are naturals at collecting nature.
O had her jacket upside-down the other day and a pound, at least, of stone fell out of her pockets.
On a daily basis, I have to clean out my bag of wilting dandelions and clovers.
Beside our back door is a large tin pail of collections; rocks, pine cones, sticks, seed pods, milkweed silks, empty snail houses.
Interest-based learning would tout that it's only natural to take the items found and learn more about them.
This quick science experiment allowed us to examine how leaves are living things

When we came home in the afternoon, we found our leaves had produced "little speckles", as O explained.
It produced water and oxygen in a process called transpiration (news to me too!)

Then something a little more hands-on from the lovely 'Mother Natured'

A simple activity that develops the hand muscles using hole punches.
Since the bracelets in the featured activity looked a bit too involved for my budding creators, I asked O what she thought we could use the leaf-punched leaves for, to which she insisted another science experiment and proceeded to place her cut-outs in a bowl of water.

Fairy Letters. Make tiny envelopes and letters to drop your leaf confetti. Leaf (haha!) letters outside for the fairies to collect.

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