Tuesday, June 2, 2015

International Children's Day


June 1st is Children's Day (for some countries).
In China, it was very popular, though I'm not sure how many people in the West even know about it.
In Turkey, they celebrate in April (and so it goes with 'International' festivals.)
A former Turkish student of mine loved to tell me about how children are selected to replace high government officials on that day. They're even permitted to sign documents regarding educational and environmental policies! http://www.earthlaughsinflowers.info/turkish-holidays/national-holidays-turkey/childrens-day-turkey-facts-about-childrens-day/
TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) invite children from eight to fourteen years old to celebrate their culture in Turkey with a host family for the Children's Day festivities.

Last year, O opted to go for a swing in the park http://mamadrool.blogspot.ca/2014/06/childrens-day-june-1st.html
This year, she upped the ante with dinner at a restaurant!

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