Thursday, June 11, 2015

Henri's Scissors

We dabbled in a little art history, with 'Henri's Scissors' by Jeanette Winter.
Any art class that involved interesting (and often quirky!) details of artists lives, have always drawn my undivided attention. I was especially interested at this book speaking to very young about the life of an artist.
In a few short pages, Winter's describes the life of Henri Matisse but the focus is on the time before his death and the paper art he produced in his old age.

We set out to cut shapes similar to those pictured above, which Henri plastered around his sick bed to bring him happiness.

Baby C opted for her own method; mouth drawing!

And someone else quickly caught onto this challenge!

Then we became curators and decorated our Play Kitchen with the shapes we created.

Matisse also attached a piece of charcoal to a stick and drew pictures of his grandchildren on the ceiling.

So we took some dowel, chalk and tape to create our own ceiling images.

Art Explained. All DK books are packed with pictures and factual tidbits, making them great tools for learning. This one in particular, takes a look at several famous works of art and picks them apart.

13 Art Mysteries.

Hands-On Art Projects. Introducing famous artists and their best known pieces as a segue into creating your own masterpiece with similar techniques. Great for all ages!

Art Detective. Kind of a Where's Waldo book based on famous artwork. They compare two pieces side-by-side, but one has been altered.

Creative Block. I borrowed this book for myself and ended up using it for teaching. It features various (not well known) artists from the West and serves as an interview about their process and blocks. Each artist also contributes an art project to aid with creative dips.

Organic Artist. I wasn't sure what to expect with this one and assumed it would be a list of places to buy organic supplies. Fortunately I was completely wrong! Nick Neddo forages in the forest for supplies that he creates from scratch and gives detailed descriptions of how you can also make your own supplies.
fantastic Read!

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