Friday, June 26, 2015

Fibonacci Art Dots

Recently, 'What We Do All Day' has become one of my go-to sites. Since her son is particularly fond of mathematics, she is in tune to making every lesson math (and often science) related. This 'Fibonacci Art Project' got my attention but I wanted to make it user-friendly for O & Baby C.
First I had to study a bit myself (another bonus of homeschooling is parent often becomes the student!)

Protractor Play

I re-introduced the protractor set, complete with sharp compass! O & Baby C got busy with some paper and triangles while I took a minute to work out the circle radii of the Fibonacci set. Fibonacci's basic concept is simple (and not actually his discovery). Begin the set with two consecutive 1's and then proceed by adding the last two numbers of the set.
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34.....

Fibonnacci Set's

Once I created the first circle set, O helped cut out two more for the art project.

Baby C didn't need any lesson on how to arrange her circles and set straight to work.

O already had something in mind when her circles hit the paper. She arranged them in sets of 'mommies and babies'; the mommies being the larger circles and the smaller circles reserved for the babes!

Lots of Dots

On a library run, I just happened to see this book on display and decided we could incorporate it into our Fibonacci Art Project. It's actually a really well done read, with a witty poem about finding circles all around us.

Fibonacci and Spirals. Over the weeks, I've been more attuned to finding Fibonacci in nature. Particularly in pineapples and pinecones!


Mysterious Patterns. This is a fabulous book for early learners.


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