Saturday, June 20, 2015

Basic Animation: Thaumatrope


We used this Thaumatrope project to continue with our bird theme, adding some animation interest.

O prepped the circles on a stick (what she nicknamed, 'the lollipop') and both her and Baby C went to town drawing.

Initially, I drew both the bird and the nest in the center, which doesn't allow you to see both as the Thaumatrope spins. So I added a few birds up higher, to soar over the nest.
I'm guessing this is why the classic 'fish in a fish bowl' works well, as both can be centered with great results.

After a few rounds of motion picture presenting, O coloured her's green on one side, red on the other and played a game of red light/green light!

Animation Science. This inexpensive kit allows you to create a short vignette of 'film'.

Kiwi Crate Zoetrope. Kiwi Crate is a company that delivers tinker crates to your doorstep on a monthly basis. This one is animation based!

Flip Book. Long ago we took a series of pictures with O on Adam's lap, where Adam's facial expression changed, but everything else in the picture remained the same. This works well as a flip book of sorts.

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