Thursday, June 11, 2015

Alphabet Aliens: Symmetry & Art

A little Paper Magic and math inspired by 'Deep Space Sparkle.'

We started by folding a piece of paper and while I cut, I described what shapes I was aiming to resemble; 'head...arms....body...legs...'. Then I gave the half alien to O for her to open.
We talked about how one side 'reflects' the other; symmetry.

O attempted her own alien with a little coaching not to cut on the fold, as that is very tempting!

Then I gave her an invite to collage, with alphabet stickers, scraps of paper and googly eyes!

Though I love these dollar store file stickers, they ended up everywhere and are so tiny, that peeling them off surfaces gets a bit tedious!

As O was working I was flipping through the amazing Oliver Jeffers, 'Once Upon an Alphabet' and decided to figure out which letters of the alphabet can be used to demonstrate symmetry. If using capital letters, 11 out of 26 fit this description.

Mirrors. A fantastic tool for teaching symmetry!

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