Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Vegan Bites: White Bean Hummus

It's been a while since I've written a food post, because I make the same things all the time!
We had an abundance of white beans, as I cook them in giant quantities, so I thought I could turn a batch into Bean Hummus.
It worked beautifully. Far creamier than it's garbanzo counterpart!
We added the same ingredients as our favourite hummus (olive oil, tahini, salt, pepper, garlic) plus a good dose of beans.

Then we pulled out the old Tortilla Maker I picked up in Honduras.
We are always thinking of Edible Playdough options for Baby C (cookie dough, pizza dough, bread dough..and now tortilla dough.)
Simply combine dry Maseca corn flour with enough water to make a non-sticky ball.

..and the inevitable...

Baby C partook as we expected!

O however, was hard at work, rolling, pressing and peeling the raw dough for cooking on the stovetop.
We then cut them into triangles and baked them like chips to serve with Bean Hummus and veg.

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