Thursday, May 28, 2015

Toddler Tales: Tables Have Turned

Very recently, Baby C earned a long-awaited gift for gab.
It was inevitable.
All the speakers in our home are constantly fighting for space to speak and Baby C was just soaking it all up, waiting for her turn.
She is literally unstoppable and adorably in-your-face about demanding your undivided attention.
I totally get it.

We love the 'why's' that can't help but fall out of a childs mouth every two minutes.
O; "Can I have a banana?"
M: "Sure."
O: "Why?"
O hasn't stopped talking since the moment she started and often continues in her sleep!

Today I stood back and watched a sweet interaction between O and the newest member of every conversation!
Baby C overheard me announce Daddy's dinner was cooked.

Baby C: "O-yi-vi-a? Fish? Ready?"
O: "Yes, Charlotte."
Baby C: " YI-VI-A! Fish? Ready?" (in her high-pitched question voice!)
O: "Yes."
(right up in O's face, in case she didn't hear clearly the first two times.)
C: "Fish? Ready? O-yi-vi-a?"
O: "Yes. I want a little rest of you! Don't ask me questions anymore!"

Baby C's other tidbits from the week...
~"Story? Read?... Story? Read?... STORY READ!!!" 

~Mama: "What's your name?"
  Baby C: "Roda?" (Rosa, our neighbour!) 
                 (whispers) "Yarlotte"

~Daddy: "What do you do with a pea?"
  Baby C: "Poo?"

~Baby C: (hugging mama's leg) "I yuv you."


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