Thursday, May 28, 2015



Back in Shanghai, my students, then the age of O, loved playing with tangram sets I put aside for group work. It was a very different kind of 'study' then they were accustomed to from their regular classes. They enjoyed the hands-on activity and card sets.
I purchased this inexpensive set of 4 for us to use at home. 
It comes along with 100 diagrams ranging from easy to ridiculously tricky!

O was not at all interested in the diagrams given.
She was bent on creating three dimensional structures and focused on making them balance!


Eventually, she did let me have a go on Diagram 1, but only as fast as I could complete it, before she insisted on having the pieces back for her own creations (which is a very good sign that she likes using these.)

A fantastic busy-bag activity that can be done independently or together (when invited!)

Tieramid. Another tangram-type set of cards and shapes we own is the Tieramid Set. This differs in that all the shapes are rounded (and colourful!)

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