Monday, May 4, 2015

Prism Play

Sun after rain can result in rainbows, but so can sun refracting light in a prism!
Since it was a rainy day with no sun, we needed an artificial light source to help with our rainbow work.
I set up a Prism Play table as suggested by 'Buggy and Buddy'!&utm_campaign=20150501_m125595164_Buggy+and+Buddy+Newsletter%3A+A+Few+Questions+%26+Some+Fun!&utm_term=Exploring+Prisms

A few colourful folders worked as patterned paper for exploration.
I had purchased three, inexpensive prisms that O & Baby C could not wait to get their hands on!

We talked about how a sunny day would work well, for prisms hanging in the window and decided we could use a flashlight in place of sunshine, during the rain!

The rainbow appeared!

Baby C was busy being dazzled and as usual, happy to be involved in big girls work!

She quickly noted how we used the flashlight!

Once she fell asleep, O and I got to more tedious work of re-creating the colours we saw. The most evident colours were purple (or iris, as O stated!), green, yellow and orange. O sketched them in sequence over and over again!

Buggy and Buddy have several expansion activities at the end of their post. 
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