Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pillowcase Dress

O is dress-obsessed.
She's been asking me for months to make her one, so when I saw these pillowcase dresses in a shop downtown, I decided to commit to this easy pattern.
Though I love this scrap fabric I bought in a bargain bin, it's a bit of a boxy dress. It can be dressed up with a contrasting band at the bottom, or hemmed to a dressy shirt length to pair with bottoms.
They are seriously simple to create and being collected for girls in Uganda

This was my first attempt at biased tape (and it shows!)
After messing it up, I checked out a tutorial and learned to open the tape up to sew, as opposed to just folding it over the heavy fabric.

Then we watched this video of Drapo!

Snappy Toddler Top.
Mermaid Skirt.
Bubble Skirt.
The Warhol Dress.
Pillowcase Dress Etc.
Pinafore Sweetness!

Infinity Dress: the Original Drapo! (for mom & kids too)

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