Thursday, May 28, 2015

Marble (Pom Pom) Run

 Exploration Tray

Tinkerlab is one of those websites I frequent on a weekly basis.
It was no surprise that Rachelle Doorley's book is extraordinary; filled with fabulous, simple to set-up STEAM projects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) .
Her cover photo shows, 'The Marble Run' built from toilet paper rolls and adorned with decorations.
We opted to give this a go (and subbed in pom poms, where marbles would normally run!)

I presented O & Baby C with a tray of stickers, painters tape and TP rolls before inviting them to decorate.
Once they were happy with their designs, we used our library door frame to arrange the run.
This was a fantastic exercise of trial and error; learning which angle to tilt the roll so the pom poms would run continuously down the line, courtesy of gravity.

 Does rolled paper roll?

Not only did we spend a good amount of time chasing and running pom poms, but both O & C quickly took to seeking other objects to throw down the chute!

Does this ball fit?

We did pre-measure to make sure Baby C would be able to reach. 
She was quite keen to be part of this one!

The Netherlands rocks an impressive display of marbles!

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