Thursday, May 28, 2015

Little Red

"If you want your children to be intelligent, 
read them Fairy Tales"
We haven't introduced Fairy Tales in the traditional sense.
Hopefully Einstein was referring to any sorts of Fairy Tales, not those limited to Disney or Grimms brothers.
We definitely talk all things fairies & gnomes, though we stray far away from princesses, wicked step parents, poison apples and the likes. 

I love finding an 'alternative' fairy tale, like 'The Very Little Red Riding Hood'. 
Not only is she a female heroine, she is a child hero! 
As she sets out for her Grandmothers house, she spots a wolf who she affectionately calls "Foxie" and therein, she calls all the shots!

Both O & Baby C loved this introduction to Little Red.
O was even persistent about asking if this was our copy to keep!

Memory Basket. We used a basket of felt food to play the memory game, covering them with Little Red's cape (and permitting the inevitable cheating!)

Mapping The Wood.We took a sheet of red construction paper and a page from the inside cover of the book, to develop our own Map of the Woods, in white.

Wet Red Chalk. O loves to create with wet chalk and the results are beautiful!

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