Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Light & Shadow (& Musical Instruments!)

Closet Science!

Reggio-inspired Light and Shadow project, turned into a musical extravaganza! http://www.racheous.com/reggio-inspired/exploring-light/
First, we collected objects from around the house that we thought would be interesting with a flashlight shining on them (a steel colander, DVD, silk scarves, strings of sequins, tinted snack cup, amber necklace..)
Then we strung them on a rope before deciding which space in the house had the smallest amount of outside light: the play kitchen!

When we closed the door, O& Baby C took turns shining the flashlight on their favourite objects.

Later we tried the teepee, where it was easier to string the rope up.
There our objects have stayed since they are now being used as an instrument making amazing sounds from strings of amber and banging pots and even the sequins on steel sounds pretty cool!

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