Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Geometric Suncatcher

 Oh So Pretty!

I love this art project!  http://www.estefimachado.com.br/2012/10/vitral-de-celofane-no-bastidor-de.html
It's simple, modern and adds some beautiful colour to an otherwise dull day

When I bought a gigantic stack of Transparency Paper online, I thought it was going to be the tough, durable coloured sheets to make light table shapes. Instead, it's a tough tissue paper in all sorts of brilliant colours.
This was the ideal project to incorporate the sheets (and you need so little!)

Though my husband would attest to my laminating obsession, I try to keep cool as I know it's not very environmentally friendly to be covering everything in plastic. However, for this art endeavor, I did use instant lamination sheets; it's essentially a giant clear sticker folder.
We set it up so there was a paper circle guidesheet under the lamination sheet.
This way, O could keep within the confines of a circle, so when we closed the sticky sheet, it would make contact.
We held the lamination sheet in place too, with not-so-sticky painters tape.

At first, she carefully selected each colour and learned that once you chose your spot, there was no going back! It was a very sticky surface to work with!

Then she decided to just scoop handfuls of triangles and pile them on!

When she was all finished, we closed up the lamination folder to make the piece permanent and cut out the circle shape.

The overlapping colours look amazing and give the window a little rainbow!

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