Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Flower Dye with Banners

After a little field trip to collect bits of nature, this is a sweet way to preserve your treasures.

Our yard is covered with beloved dandelions.
Our neighbour has offered to help us rid of them, but we opted to have them around as they're a favourite 'flower' for picking (and later, a wish for spreading!) around these parts!

"Some see a weed. Some see a wish."

There is never a time anyone around here isn't drawn to using tools.
Even the humble hammer gets loads of love!
I had cut some linen bunting flags for a project never completed, so these were perfect for pounding flowers into. We placed the flowers on butcher paper, lay the flag face down and folded some paper over the flag before hitting it hard and repeatedly!

Baby C was eager to get in there too.
I offered her a rock for pounding, but the hammer was so much more appealing!

We had to peel remnants away after all that heavy hammering.
Left behind were beautiful natural dyes made from the plants!

Fresh, green leaves left the most striking results; strong outlines and solid mass of colour.
Pictured above is a clover as well as rose leaves.

O wanted to experiment with leaving her creation under a rock to see if it would vary the results.

She left strict instructions as she walked away, "No one touch my project!"
It was mere seconds before this little hand appeared, hearing only an invitation!!!

History Lesson. A great introduction to the original method of dyeing for art, cloth. yarn etc.

Veg & Fruits. Instead of tossing old produce, use to make natural dyes. Obvious winners are blueberries and beets...and other bold-coloured cloth stainers!  We've used tumeric boiled in water with vinegar, to dye light-coloured clothes.

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