Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fairy Tutu

Fairy Tutu

For our second attempt at a dress this week, O was quick to pick up a giant roll of tulle when we went into a thrift store, insisting "Can you make me a dress out of this!?"

We have done a miniature tutu for her doll, in time for the Nutcracker Ballet, so we agreed to make her a ethereal fairy version that she could sport.
And sport she did; around the house, in the yard and garden, while doing yoga!

This is a ridiculously simple project that requires very little sewing (a few stitches will do if you lack a machine) and took about 20 minutes total to make, most of which is cutting the tulle strips.
If you have little ones who like to tie knots, even better!
Step 1. Measure a large-width elastic around child's waist and sew in a loop.
Step 2. Cut tulle strips desired width.
Step 3. Double strips over elastic loop and tie in a knot.
Step 4. Repeat all the way around.

 Dressing Up & Hiding Quickly!

The single and only second O removed it from her waist, Baby C was eager to try it on.
And clever enough to hide while doing so!

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