Friday, May 29, 2015

Edible Garden of My Own

Seeds are in. (thanks, Dam Seeds
Raised beds are up (thanks Hubby!)
O has been given her first plot of land for edible gardening.
She then chose her seeds, before we soaked to start the germination process and planted square-foot-style

 Soak in Muffin Tin

The point of her plot is that it belongs to her.
We'll have a no-interference policy, so she learns her own tricks of the trade as we all develop our green thumbs side-by-side. 
We're hoping that our local chipmunks at least give pea's a chance!

The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids, by Whitney Cohen and John Fisher. I've poured through many books written with the intent to include children in gardening, through hands-on dirty endeavors as well as crafts and cooking to follow. This is by far the best I've seen of the lot. The authors are members of staff at Life Lab

Square Foot Gardening Guide. This is a simple online tool for designing your Square Foot Garden

Build a Worm Cafe. Simple and sweet worm hang-out

Edible, Butterfly, Spaghetti, Sound Gardens. Ours is 100% edible, flowers and all. But there are loads of idea's out there for creating a Butterfly-Friendly Garden, A Spaghetti Garden (basil, garlic, parsley, tomatoes etc.), Sound Garden (choosing plants and grasses based on their different soun-in-the-wind abilities). Choosing a theme is a great way to divide up your yard! 

Pollinators.  Attract birds and bee's to your garden and watch this video of a bee's beginning!

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