Thursday, May 7, 2015

Defying Gravity

 Paperclips in Space!

O has been asking, "How does Earth stay up?".
A little lesson in gravity was a bit easier with an experiment.
'Buggy and Buddy' has a quick demonstration on 'Defying Gravity with Magnets' that turned out loads of playtime!&utm_campaign=20150501_m125595164_Buggy+and+Buddy+Newsletter%3A+A+Few+Questions+%26+Some+Fun!&utm_term=Gravity+and+Magnetism

Baby C was completely enthralled with the magnets.
So much so, that completing the said experiment was a bit tricky!
She could not get over how that paperclip was so attracted to the magnet!

We expanded the lesson by trying to 'stick' the magnet to other objects in the house.
Then O attempted to wrap the magnet in paper, to see if it was still effective (and it was not.)
When Daddy came home, he made the magnets 'dance' on the metal ruler, much like our Magical Moving Ladybug game
Baby C Defying Gravity!

Magnets are a fantastic science tool to introduce to early-learners.
Stay close by to observe the exploration, as magnets are very harmful if swallowed.

Magnetic Map. We have a world map puzzle that was too difficult for O to complete, so we pieced it in sections and glued them to magnets for play.
Magnet Match. Easy to set up if you have a magnetic chalkboard and a magnets with various shapes
Fish Game. We still need a stronger magnet for this game to work out!

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