Monday, May 4, 2015

Daily Doodle: Watercolour Cat

"Art has a role in education 
of helping children become like themselves,
instead of more like everyone else."
O loves to go 'watercolour crazy'.
She loves combining all the colours in to a messy mix.
I have thrown in the odd comment about keeping colours separate.
I've watched other 4-year olds at art spaces, carefully select their colour of choice and dip diligently into the cleaning can before attempting another hue.
Not my O.
She loves to mix muddy colours and use so much water that holes appear.

Since painting is a process and the journey should be pleasurable, I work hard to keep quiet while she works.
She is clearly enjoying herself and asks for her watercolours often.
Then the other day, she came out with this piece, which strongly resembles the profile of a cat; complete with her signature muddy palette and water-drenched holes.
I love this piece.
I use it as a reminder that my child has a style all her own and I am here to protect and honour that.

Beautiful Oops. This is my favourite art book on the shelf (and I have quite a few art books!) After reading this once from the local library, I purchased it immediately! Barney Saltzberg has poignently and playfully taken the beauty of mistakes and turned them into whimsical artworks. A must buy to protect the artist within! 

The Artists Way. Julia Cameron has written a self-help piece for closet-artists and creatives. I had this on my book wish list, until I realized I already own it! 

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