Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Daily Doodle: Heads or Tails

Doodle Family!

O was all smiles for this 'Heads or Tails' doodle game.
You can flip a good old quarter (or 'Moose Dollar' as O calls it!) to see who is drawing the head and who will draw the tail/body.
It's a combined art effort that turns out pretty amusing every time!

O wanted to share creative input along the way, which helped support the collaboration.
"Why is the ladies arms behind her back?" (we agreed to place them in front of her. I have a weakness for drawing hands, so add them behind backs!)
"You should add a Charlotte" (once one lady/mom, one man/dad and a child/O was drawn!)

She was curious why the baby had her legs crossed, yoga-style and full of questions about everyone's attire.
I love her addition of hats (even the "Jungle Cat" as she calls it!) and later, hair buns for the children!
We had just read Mr. Bliss the day before, so I'm wondering if she has been influenced by Tolkien sketches!

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