Monday, April 13, 2015

Tape Transfer

Extremely clever project that was equally as big a hit with O as it was with me!
First I copied and pasted some woodlands wildlife on a document and printed it in colour.
Then, cut out the animals and covered each in a piece of clear packing tape.
Once rubbed well onto the tape, you can immerse them completely in water to loosen the paper.

This was the magic bit!
We piled the paper by rubbing with our fingers, until only the image was left!

We learned which ones transferred the best; the ones with lightest and whitest background and strongest black outlines.
The chipmunk came out clearest.
We discovered that these can serve as peel-friendly window stickers, since the stickiness of the tape has nearly worn off.
Peel-able Window Stickers

Then we decided to work them into a background for our new Tree Diorama.
O painted a sheet of paper and applied slices of birch paper she peeled on Diorama-making day.
She chose where to add our animal transfers and we slid the forest background behind the twig trunks in time for some dramatization!

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