Monday, April 20, 2015

Small World Play: Who Let the Frogs Out!?

Discovery Basket
Who let the frogs out!?
April showers bring...frogs!
We set out a Discovery Basket of trinket frogs; a collection once belonging to my Granny, who actually didn't like frogs as much as everyone insisted she did!
However, I added to her collection every time I traveled.
I happened to inherit this beautiful collection and both O & Baby C were thrilled to get their hands in there!

We used our Diorama as a habitat for the frogs, leaving out the tiniest from the collection, due to Baby C's obsession with eating anything that isn't food.
Here they can be found 'hiding'.

Jonathan London's Froggy Books

We also happened to borrow a massive stack of our favourite Frog books from the local library by the brilliant Jonathan London.
We were gifted 'Froggy Gets Dressed', when O was two years old and not a fan of clothes!
We've been collecting this series ever since!


The day after Frog Play, O happened to be doodling on the chalkboard.
She told me she was inventing a pair of glasses and called them, 'Frog Glasses' (see mini squiggly glasses above).

She then turned the glasses into a full-fledged frog, with eyelashes of course.
O: "Mom. How do you spell Ribbit?"
Too cute!

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