Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Scientific Silly Putty

Super Putty

Any time we are mixing concoctions, we do so in the name of Science!
I ask if anyone wants to do a science experiment, we collect supplies, talk about possible outcomes and buckle down to the serious lab work. 
Like making Silly Putty, for example;)

Where I found this recipe, is now a mystery, but I recall it looking something like a recipe I would write!
~2 T cornstarch
~1& 1/2 T liquid dish soap
Keep adding ingredients until you get it where you want it.

We doubled the recipe for a proper handful of putty and definitely had to add 'a little more of this and a pinch more of that' before reaching the desired consistency.
A consistency which was fabulous; mold-able, slice-worthy, cookie-cutter-friendly and pat-happy!
Cornstarch is always loaded with magical tactile outcomes!

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