Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Poem-in-your-pocket Day-April 30th

 Teeny Tiny Envelopes

With many thanks to Crafting Connections, I've learned tomorrow is Poem-in-your-pocket Day. Imagine walking down the street, doing your own thing and someone hands you a clever little poem, just because?

Poetry gets big ratings in our home.
Taking a page from the company, 'Leafcutter' I took a few minutes to stitch teeny tiny felt envelopes to honour Poem-in-your-Pocket Day (teeny tiny things get big ratings in our home too!)

Then I got to work on our typewriter with some specially selected poems for some specially selected people. 

Not long afterwards, O was asking for some paper and heading to the Creative Writing Space, clacking away at the keys and snipping carefully around the ink with pinking shears!

Clack Clack Clack!

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