Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Neighbourhood Map & Photo Documentary

Around Town

We've been waiting weeks to finally enjoy the grass and tackle a Village Map Project we found on 'Filth Wizardry'
We saved our old shower curtain and instead of making up an imaginary village, we sketched out the places we frequent around home (Filth Wizardry suggests this R2-D2-like contraption below for drawing roads that worked brilliantly!)
We made sure to include a simple legend and NSEW compass, to add to our map-making skills.

Then we took a page from 'Tinkerlab's' Photo Documentary and used the camera to explore our most frequented spots: our home, the park, variety store, Vietnamese food market, bus stops, the library and arts center. 
We'll later map these photo's to get an idea of our community from a birds eye view.


 Pounding the Pavement

Up Close and Personal

We made sure to stop and smell the flowers, examine bark, watch a crew take down a tree and eat pine cones (plus some other mystery items she popped into her mouth before I could stop her!)

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