Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mini Crepe Paper Pinata's

 Rainbow Crepe Paper

These were too cute to pass up: Mini Crepe Paper Pinata's
But once the project began, I had a new-found respect for the Pinata-Creators of the world; toiling at objects only headed for destruction?

Thankfully, beautiful bundles of Rainbow Crepe paper were available, so we didn't have to purchase every colour of streamer in the store. I set out my roll in strips to be folded and snipped for fringe, while O was content unrolling the rainbows to discover new colours.
An absolutely beautiful medium to work with, crepe paper is delicate and stretchy at the same time.

O, the smarter of the two of us, decided not to create a traditional pinata and went with her own mini masterpiece; covering the egg with crepe and embroidery floss. She loves creating packages, so this went on for a good hour!

More than an hour later, I pulled off one, previously egg-shaped pinata.
Very cute, but never to be tackled again.

Bunny Surprise Balls. I've also seen these done with orange crepe paper and cones, to make carrots!
O would go crazy for these!

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