Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Magically Moving Ladybug

Magically Moving Ladybug

Recently, I've noticed a few websites posting Magnetic Movers; using thin cardboard (cereal box cardboard works very well) to demonstrate the science of magnets. 'Almost Unschoolers' use a stick figure sample moving around squiggly lines while 'The Educators Spin on It' set up a magnetic theatre to enhance story-telling.

We went our own route and did a Ladybug-in-a-Forest theme!
Originally the single paperclip was not enough.
O suggested that if we used two, it might work better. 
She was fascinated when she saw the Ladybug moving mysteriously around the cardboard and was in a hurry to manipulate it herself!

Needle in a Rice Bin. For children not at risk of mouthing, fill a bin with dry rice, small metal objects and several collecting tools (tweezers, magnets, spoons). The object of the activity is to have the child collect the metal objects with as much ease as possible.

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