Monday, April 20, 2015

Vegan Bites: Green Juice

Our wheatgrass has been growing long and strong for over a week.
Hubby has been bugging me to try out our Wheatgrass Juicer.
So we added a little healthy competition to our Sunday morning.

We took a small container to collect the juice and marked how much liquid we estimated would result from four handfuls of grass.

I likely wouldn't be writing about this competition if I lost;)
The post would go something like, "We made juice. Tasted like grass."
Instead, my marker was the one with the smallest estimate and it hit bang on!
Four handfuls of grass, that took over a week to grow resulted in less than half a cup of juice.
Very grassy juice!

The pulp got pulverized, measuring even less than the liquid.

I straight upped the sucker, since no one else would partake and chased it with a glass of Kombucha.

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