Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Egg Mail: Rocket Science

By far the easiest project of the week, became the most loved in moments!
Note to self: Simple takes the cake.

'Inspiration Lab' had a post for Egg Rocket Races
We tied a piece of string from the top of the staircase banister to the bottom and secured a straw-bearing egg.
I've seen actual rocket's of a similar nature; inflated (not tied) balloons attached to a string with a straw. If we planned to get fancy, or more 'scientific', we could add this concept to the Egg Rocket. However, there was no need to get any fancier on this occasion, the existing rocket was a huge success.

After a few minutes of racing up and down the stairs (not exactly the safest route!), we decided to send Egg Mail, so wrote little messages to place inside the egg. Then we added a Message Bell! When someone was sending a message, they would ring the bell before sending off the capsule!
This was an even bigger hit..and I was subsequently hearing bells all day (literally and figuratively!)

Robins Egg Blue. This is adorable and looks tremendously tedious! Send a precious painted egg to be cracked by recipient!

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