Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easy Breazy Wheatgrass

 Day Five-Dewy Tips

Even if you don't intend to juice these wispy greens, it's a simple lesson in botany.
I have sprouted wheat berries for eating, but never sprouted over soil. Design Mom has some simple instructions
Plus, we pre-soaked the berries and added the use of newspaper covering for the first three days, to keep the soil moist but not wet.


After I had soaked the berries in a mason jar overnight, I let O & Baby C taste a hard berry and a soaked berry to feel the difference in density. They liked getting their hands in there for the tactile experience as well!

 Day One-Soaked & Soiled

Hubby thought I was missing a step, by not burying the berries.
Since they can sprout sans soil, they can also sprout on top of soil. It only took two days before tails appeared!

Day Three-Little Tails

We have two planting pots on the kitchen counter.
The growing grass leans toward the sunny window and the tips are covered in water droplets.
It's a very welcome sign of growth after a long winter!

Juicing. We bought a wheat grass extractor in Shanghai; a good old-fashioned hand crank. It takes a load of grass for a wee spot of juice, but the process is fun and the product is healthy.
For babes that won't take straight juice, you can hide it in a smoothie!

Monograms. We'll try kamut berries next week and give O the chance to work her alphabet magic, with this monogram project! It's like a Letter Chia Pet!

Fast Forward Seed Germination. Watch a time lapse video of how a seed germinates!

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