Saturday, April 4, 2015

Chia Pom Pom Bunny

 Bunny in Progress

I distinctly remember my Granny making pom poms with two pieces of cardboard cut into circles. She used them to top slippers or tuque's and occasionally made (very scary) looking dolls.
When I saw these sweet Pom Pom bunnies, I thought I would pay tribute to the thousands of poms poms my Granny made in her lifetime!

Fortunately, I found a simpler method than the two cardboard circles, which turns out to be four cardboard semi-circles 
Not so sure this was the easier route, but I didn't have to wind the yarn through the center of a circle each time around.

Then came O's job. 
She wasn't interested in winding, but when she heard there was 'trimming' involved, her little ears perked up!
I handed over Chia Bunny for a fur cut.
(the second picture is my favourite and is the definition of 'enthusiasm'!)

 La la la...trimming my new pet!
Whatcha Doin? ...and how can I get my hands in there?

T-Shirt Yarn Pom Poms. These are even easier than the previous easiest method! 
Though the article is in Spanish, the pictures speak 'international' .

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