Sunday, April 5, 2015

3 for 3 Egg-speriments

 30 Eggs

30 eggs.
3 dollars.
3 egg-speriments.
We're vegan, so O and Baby C have never been exposed to the wonders of the humble egg. They are packed with a punch in terms of science projects (and doubled as Daddy's breakfast!)
Our local market had flats with 30 eggs, which worked perfectly for the egg-speriments I had in mind, in addition to a art endeavor for the trays!
I split the 30 as follows:

 Floating Eggs
The first egg-speriment was a little disappointing.
I hadn't tried any of these beforehand and this one was actually not successful for us.
We're not certain if these eggs were simply too fresh (Daddy's hypothesis) or the water was not salty enough (Mommy's hypothesis).
We decided to try again tomorrow and alter up the process.

Shell Strength

We tested shell strength with the next two experiments.
First we scored 4 eggs to create 'domes' of similar height. Then we got the heaviest books we have and started to pile them on. We only reached a count of three books, before things started to crack. Daddy informed us when he did this in school (they cheated) and taped the cracked edge to prevent weak spots. 
Consequently, they piled on 26 texts!

 Walking on Egg(shells?)

The final egg-speriment was a big success and pretty amazing.
We had to adjust the eggs to have them all stand straight.
Baby C was our self-appointed 'adjuster' between trials.

 Standing Eggs Straight

We all had a few tries and only two eggs broke in total.

Natural Dyes. We boiled up some beets and turned on the tumeric to make these gorgeous red and yellow eggs from the unbroken! Loads of other natural dye options from Wabi Sabi

 Egg Carton Masks.

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