Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Story Dice: Preserving Art

 'One (of Two) Cats', 'The Tiger's Paw', 'The Nest'

All week I've had my nose in the beautiful pages of Emily Neuburger's book, 'Show Me a Story' http://www.emilyneuburger.com/.
I came across a Story Dice project, similar to the Art Dice we made a few months ago  http://mamadrool.blogspot.ca/2015/01/art-die-intro-to-woodburning.html
Both work as prompts to encourage story and art creations.

Then I was looking at months worth of drawings O makes on our chalkboard (now preserved by photograph).
I love walking into the kitchen and finding surprise sketches O places there in passing.
There is a certain 'freedom' in children's art that adults struggle to duplicate!
When I ask her about her work, they often come with their own 'title'; The Long Haired Lady, The Snowy Mountain, The Tigers Paw, The Nest, The Lollipops, Boobies!

I went to work this morning, wood burning several of O's pieces onto blocks, cut from 2x2" rods.
She smiled when she saw the block, as if meeting old friends!
I couldn't keep from carrying the block around most of the day, looking to be inspired to do a little art of my own!

We've placed some fresh blocks in a 'Busy Bag' for images to be added as O has more work to be preserved!

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