Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Simple Sundial


'Learn Play Imagine' featured a cardboard sundial that I thought might be a good addition to our Planet studies, as well as the welcoming of Spring sunshine.
We still have snow, so we opted for a 'trunk chunk'. I drilled a hole in the center to place a chopstick.
Originally I was going to create a clock with numbers, but decided that the sun should let us know the time.
O also liked going out every hour to mark the shadow with a line of chalk.

Two O'Clock
Three O'Clock (pee spot!)

It was generally accurate, but I made the mistake of not placing it in the center of the yard, where it would receive light the majority of the afternoon. By four o'clock, we had to shut down the program and resolve to move the location tomorrow morning.
I brought it in the house so it wouldn't get waterlogged and realized a little creature used it as a toilet!

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