Saturday, March 28, 2015

Seed Study

 I Heart You

Seed Study is potentially a vast topic!
So we're starting small and collecting seeds from what we eat to learn more about how things grow.
'Playful Learning' has some amazing worksheets for Seed Study but worksheets get tossed to the wayside over here. 
For now, it's hands on experiments.

Though these are absolutely not local, they are a fun project and have many uses.
We learned how they float (transporting themselves), how to crack one open, peel away the edible meat and use both the interior and exterior.

 Avocado Pits

Currently our kitchen counter is being covered with vegetables that can regrow

How to grow an avocado tree
...and another

 Prepping the Crown
In depth details for prepping the crown for re-growth

Growing Garlic Chives (from the sprout already forming in your fridge!)

Amazing books!

 A Seed is Sleepy

First introduced to Dianna Aston at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. She has an amazing array of nature books that are not only chocked full of interesting facts, but the illustrations are gorgeous!!

 A Tiny Seed

Eric Carle doing what he is best at; simplifying life's most amazing natural wonders!


A good study for seed dispersal and pictures that look like photographs; I'm still not convinced!
 The Giant Seed

A book with no words!
This picture-tale shows a tiny family who use floating seeds and flower head to their advantage!

 And then it's Spring

After receiving this book as a gift from Miss A, I've since searched for all things Julie Fogliano!
What a beautiful nature-lovers book!
You can almost smell Spring in it's pages!!


There are scientists who are making Seed Study their life work.
This book illustrates the need to preserve and protect biodiversity in seeds.
Beautiful quotes, straight up facts and useful tips on how to save seeds and grow a community of seed traders!
More a book for older children and adults, but the photos are plentiful for the younger naturalists!

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