Monday, March 2, 2015

Sandpaper Numbers


Sandpaper numbers is inspired directly from Montessori work.
Creating your own is simple, as it only requires some sandpaper and mounting cards.
I made these for my ESL students long ago.
Most recently, I added Chinese characters on the back

O started by taking the stack and sorting them in order.
Then we piled them up and she traced the rough lines with her fingers.

Halfway through 'finger-tracing', she ran out and returned with a crayon and paper, explaining to me that she would rather try writing the numbers out.

This is a fun tactile tool for early writing skills.
O is keen to learn to write, but always on her own terms.
When she bores of anything that resembles a formal lesson, she resumes to creating her own alphabet (which is also fantastic for practicing early writing skills, but I don't mention that bit!)

Crayon Rubbings. Since the numbers are slightly raised from the mounting card, you could easily place a piece of paper overtop and create crayon rubbings. Numbers will 'magically' appear!
You could further expand by placing out the same number of coins as the card displays and continue crayon rubbings. 

Go Fish. Much to my husbands dismay, this is the only card game I can play! I started this game with O a week ago. When playing with a beginner, keep in mind a large degree of transparency is required for the first few rounds, since you'll likely be looking at each others hand! 
Then the conversations that pursue, will keep you more amused than the game itself!
M: "Do you have a 5?"
O: "No, But I have a four. Pretend you want a four."

O: "Do you have a 1 & a 0?"
M: "You mean a 10."

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