Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Reptile Show

March Break for homeschoolers is a funny occurance.
Our library that is usually quiet and spacious, is jammed with families enjoying their holiday week.
To kick off the weeks festivities, we attended the Reptile Show.

Baby C being UN-interested in Reptiles!

Several reptiles and amphibians were given soundless welcomes.
After the show, we were invited to queue up and take our turn snuggling our cold-blooded friends.
The line-ups were lengthy, but the library was fully prepared.
Downstairs in the Art Gallery, we could peruse works from local students and tables were set up to paint and create our own canvases.

Lobby Love

Student Gallery
Bearded Dragon

When we returned, O was anxious to have her turn and trying to give Baby C lessons on how to care for tortoises and snakes.
Baby C was not having any part of it.
Friends mentioned that she was giving us 'stink eye' behind our backs.

What's the difference between a Tortoise & a Turtle? (true question, not setting you up for a punch line!)
A tortoise cannot swim.

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