Monday, March 2, 2015

Punching Bag Bread: The Artful Year is Here!

 The Science of Yeast!

I'm a blog fan and follower of The Artful Parent
The creator, Jean Van't Hul's first book, The Artful Parent, we collected for our home library. Our local library placed an order on request for her latest book that is taking over the crafty mom blogs this month, The Artful Year.
Hot off the press, The Artful Year is laid out in four seasons, with arts and recipes, as well as her family's favourite children's lit.
The photos are eye candy!

 The Artful Year

Today we opted for her grandmothers Bread Recipe, which we've now nicknamed 'Punching Bag Bread'.
Good for release of tension.

Bread-making can be classed next to play dough, beeswax and clay; an amazing sensory tool for exploring.
It also doubles (no pun intended!) as a science lesson.
This recipe was the first I've ever seen that suggests you place a bowl on top to let it rise (a bigger bowl, perhaps?)


Baby C often misses out on our arts, since she is still a fan of eating our supplies (crayons, chalk, stickers, glue, paper, you name it!)
However, for this one, I let her take center stage and she was one happy little girl!

 Punching & Pinching


She loved punching, pinching, patting and eventually picking off pieces to taste.
Of all the art supplies she chews and swallows, she actually spit out this dough!
She insisted on calling the dough her "Baby!" and motioned to hug it!
If we had let her, she would have taken 'Dough Baby' to bed!

We let it rest in the fridge overnight and bake baby in the morning.

Bread turned out very yum!
Dense and hearty from all that punching!

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