Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Notan Paper: Symmetry

I presented O with this Notan Paper sample, after reading about it on 'Tiny Rotten Peanuts' http://tinyrottenpeanuts.com/easy-notan-paper-project/
Not just brilliant and beautiful artwork, it's math!
A lovely way to look at symmetry.

We just so happened to have a few of Lois Ehlert books on hand.
She has an assortment of books that are essentials in the kinder classroom, full of colour, shape and patterns.
I stole her 'stencil' of a bird to make the sample above.

Then I gave O a piece of pink paper, as per request.
My only instruction was she had to start the image from the edge of the paper.
She asked me to trace her hand.
We mounted the result on a contrasting colour for pop.

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