Monday, March 2, 2015

Mirror Box Introduction: Four O's

 Multiply by Four

Enter, the Mirror Box.
A cube (missing three sides, so it's no longer), lined with mirrors.
A seemingly simple tool to teach symmetry, that hubby painstakingly put together, that affords hours of play and discovery.

Initially, I put out a bowl of cotton swabs and let O make her own discoveries.
The first of which, I heard her whisper,
"Four Olivia's!"
The only thing better than one O, is four!
After a good look at herself, she got busy arranging the swabs; throwing the bowl haphazardly onto the surface, arranging a line around the perimeter, ignoring any mention of snowflakes from her mother and then finishing with alphabet discovery,
"I can make an A. 
How do I make a B (with straight swabs)?"


The mirror boxes I've seen are simple acrylic lightweight mirrors that can be taped from the back.
These reduce the risk of breakage and are simple to set up and take down.
Ours are three $2 glass mirrors, that required something sturdier than masking tape to hold them together.
Hubby used leftover library shelves; 2x12 sheets cut to size and drilled with screws so we can store them flat when not in use.

Shapes & Patterns. Imagination Tree has some colourful tinker tools for discovery

Fine Motor Skills. 

Winter Mirror Box.

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